Law Digest

Law digest – 3/12/15

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, Eyewitness identification: The extrajudicial photo identification of the defendant was not impermissibly suggestive where the photographs of four of the six individuals in the photographic array were slightly elongated in the face and torso. ...

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Law digest – 3/5/15

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Law, Rule of Lenity: Where there were two overlapping, but not identical, criminal offenses prohibiting individuals previously convicted of certain drug-related crimes from possessing certain types of firearms, the prosecutor had discretion to charge the ...

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Law digest – 2/25/15

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Labor & Employment, Exhaustion of internal union remedies: When a union member claimed that his union and a fellow union member were liable for defaming him and sought monetary damages, the union’s internal remedies, which did ...

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Law digest – 2/18/15

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Professional Responsibility, Indefinite suspension: Court of Appeals suspended indefinitely an attorney who did not protect a client’s claim from expiration as the statute of limitations, misrepresented the status of the claim to the client for five ...

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Law digest – 2/11/15

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS  Civil Procedure, Collateral estoppel: Collateral estoppel did not bar plaintiff’s claims against real estate development company because, even though the dispute was previously the subject of litigation in bankruptcy court, the issues litigated there were ...

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