Law Digest

Law Digest – April 30, 2015

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Criminal Law, Theft by deception: Defendant-contractor’s misrepresentations as to his licensure status, coupled with his conduct subsequent to the initial deception, including his failure to perform despite being paid, the numerous excuses he provided to each ...

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Law digest – 4/23/15

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS Administrative Law, Environmental permits: Court of Special Appeals affirmed circuit court’s decision to remand to the Maryland Department of the Environment a stormwater permit granted by the Department to Montgomery County because, although the permit ...

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Law digest – 4/16/15

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS  Civil Procedure, Personal jurisdiction: On remand of case from federal to state court, defendant was barred from moving to dismiss for insufficiency of service of process where a federal court summons was properly served on ...

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Law digest – 4/9/15

Maryland Court of Appeals  Civil Procedure, Appeals: Where an unsuccessful claimant for unemployment insurance benefits sought judicial review in the circuit court, as permitted by statute, of an adverse decision by the Board of Appeals of the Department of Labor, ...

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Law digest – 4/1/15

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, Consecutive sentences: Where defendant was given consecutive sentences for multiple convictions arising from the same armed robbery, Court of Special appeals properly affirmed circuit court’s imposition of consecutive sentences because, under CR §4-204, imposition ...

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