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Jul 13, 2000

The Practice

Not for Nothing…Little Italy Case Settled for $450KPractitioners take note: the “confidential” in your confidential settlement may be a very fluid thing. Case in point: Last fall’s 11th-hour agreement in the feud between Giovanna M. “Gia” Blatterman</b. and her Little Italy neighbor, former Continental Foods Inc. Owner John Guerriero. Blatterman charged Guerr[...]

Jul 13, 2000

The Judiciary

Four Named to PGDCGov. Parris N. Glendening announced the appointment of four new judges to the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County. The newly appointed judges are Jean S. Baron, Mark T. O’Brien, Hassan A. El-Amin and Robert W. Heffron.“All four of these men and women are distinguished lawyers who have demonstrated fairness […]

Jul 13, 2000

During Summer Recess, Supreme Court Justices Become Globe-Trotters

Supreme Court justices, now on a three-month summer recess, like to use that time to travel — and have other people pick up the tab.Financial disclosure reports for 1999, released late last month, show the justices left the nation’s capital for fully subsidized trips to four other continents — Australia, Europe, Asia and South America […]

Jul 13, 2000

Widow Wonders Where the Money Went

An elderly west Baltimore widow who refinanced her mortgage for a $6,000 home improvement loan filed suit against her lender yesterday, claiming she got less than $500 at settlement, with the term of her mortgage doubled from 15 to 30 years — and increased by $10,000. Clemmie Campbell, 78, of Edmondson Village, filed a four-count […]

Jul 13, 2000

Fulton-Evans Jurors Hit Snags

A federal jury reported yesterday it had reached verdicts on some counts but was deadlocked on others in the fraud trial of state Del. Tony E. Fulton, D-Balto. City, and Annapolis lobbyist Gerard E. Evans.Judge J. Frederick Motz ordered the jury of seven women and five men to continue deliberating, despite a note from the […]

Jul 13, 2000

UM’s Delay in Renovating Building Didn’t Violate ADA, Judge Decides

The University of Maryland, College Park did not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to make its faculty club accessible to individuals in wheelchairs for 10 years, a federal judge in Baltimore has ruled.Attorney Andrew D. Levy, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, brought the suit last October after he was unable to […]

Jul 13, 2000

No ‘Simms’ Sentence Cap Unless One Crime Lesser Included Offense of Other

The Court of Special Appeals yesterday rejected several arguments made by a man who wanted his first-degree assault sentence for a 1997 shooting in Prince George’s County reduced from 20 to 10 years. Thomas Dalton Dixon, who also was sentenced to a consecutive term of 20 years for use of a handgun in the commission […]

Jul 13, 2000

Pay Your Dues, Or Pay Your Bills&ne; This Firm Found a Way to Do Both

Fighting the good fight while making money: For most lawyers, that’s an oxymoron. Yet one Baltimore firm has proven the conventional wisdom is dead wrong. Brown, Goldstein & Levy has earned a stellar reputation as aggressive advocates in complex public interest cases while — here’s the tricky part — building a successful commercial litigation practice […]

Jul 12, 2000

Court of Appeals Rejects Federal Rule On ‘Sham Affidavits’ in 4-3 Decision

A mother’s affidavit that contradicted her earlier sworn deposition testimony was enough to defeat a landlord’s motion for summary judgment in a lead-paint poisoning case, the Court of Appeals held yesterday.The 4-3 decision reverses the Court of Special Appeals, which had adopted the federal rule on so-called “sham affidavits” in Maryland’s first published opinion on[...]

Jul 12, 2000

There’s Nothing Mini About the Jury Pool

Apart from the enormous numbers of cases, clients and dollars tied up in the mass asbestos litigation just begun in Baltimore City Circuit Court, one of the least heralded but most important numbers is that of eligible citizens available to sit on the juries.In a city with a population that has been declining for a […]

Jul 12, 2000

Crab Processors: FTC Vote ‘Beginning of the End’

A decision against trade relief for U.S. crab processors battling Asian imports threatens the existence of the domestic industry, a trade group said Wednesday.The Blue Crab Coalition, the trade group that sought to restrict imported crabmeat through tariffs or quotas, said the 4-2 vote Tuesday “marks the beginning of the end for the U.S. crabmeat […]

Jul 12, 2000

Black Public Housing Plaintiffs Win A Court Decision on Redevelopment

African-American public housing residents yesterday succeeded in blocking a 1998 court order that allowing housing authorities to demolish two large Baltimore City public housing developments and rebuild them as mixed-income senior housing.The effect of the ruling is unclear in light of Saturday’s demolition at one of the two complexes, the high rise building at the […]

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