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4th Circuit Reverses Newspaper Fine

Court documents cannot be sealed without giving interested parties — including the media — an opportunity to object, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held last week.The decision reversed a $500,000 fine against the Wilmington [N.C.] Morning Star for ...

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Fulton-Evans Case Goes to Jury

The fate of a senior state legislator and an influential Annapolis lobbyist rests in the hands of a federal jury today after defense attorneys yesterday downplayed the importance of evidence against the two men in their month-long fraud trial.Prosecutors claimed ...

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LAW SUMMARY (132031)

Piper Marbury Leads Area Firms on Revenue ListPiper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe’s 1999 gross revenue of more than $283 million made the firm the nation’s 33rd richest, according to an annual survey released last week. Piper Marbury was the only ...

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Kelberman Puts Evans on Defensive

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dale P. Kelberman began cross-examining Annapolis lobbyist Gerard E. Evans late yesterday and wasted no time in attacking the picture that Evans painted of himself as an honest, hard-working lobbyist who did not defraud his clients.Evans spent ...

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Two Rape Claims Required Two Trials

Attempting to reinforce the testimony of two prostitutes who said they were raped by the same man on two separate occasions, a Baltimore County prosecutor — who noted that the quality of the complaining witnesses “is not that of a ...

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