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CSA affirms robbery conviction, use of defendant’s letters to accomplice

Letters handwritten by the defendant in an assault case to his accomplice were properly admitted at trial, even though the accomplice had never seen the defendant’s handwriting before, the Court of Special Appeals has held. Authentication of the defendant’s handwriting ...

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Top court adopts new guidelines for lawyers in abuse and neglect cases

Responding to concerns of judges, masters and practitioners over the role of children’s attorneys and the quality of legal representation, the Court of Appeals has adopted new guidelines for lawyers who represent abused and neglected children.The new rules, which establish ...

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CSA affirms order to keep father’s name off list of suspected abusers

Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services has lost its attempt to put the father of a 3-year-old child into the state’s central registry as a suspected child abuser. An administrative law judge properly found that there was no ...

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Suits by four ‘DES daughters’ dismissed

A Maryland court has dismissed four of five products liability cases brought by women whose reproductive organs were allegedly harmed when their mothers took DES, a long-banned drug once thought to ensure healthy pregnancies. Judge Ellen M. Heller, above, said ...

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Judges hit both sides with hard questions during arguments over tobacco case fee

The state’s highest court heard arguments yesterday in the case that ultimately will determine whether the state owes attorney Peter G. Angelos a billion dollars for his role in whipping Big Tobacco, but first must resolve where that decision should ...

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Top court suspends one attorney, disbars another in two separate cases

In two unrelated cases decided a day apart, the Court of Appeals has disbarred one attorney for practicing law without a license and suspended another for past irregularities in his tax payments and record-keeping.The disbarred attorney, Chris Asher, is a ...

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A new fight for Project Life’s USS Sanctuary? The Maryland Port Administration has renewed its call for a post-trial directed verdict against Project Life Inc. , in the wake of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. In Board of Trustees ...

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State Farm wins case on insured’s duty to cooperate with defense

A woman’s failure to cooperate with her insurance company after a 1994 car accident on the Capital Beltway has let her insurer off the hook for $150,000 in damages awarded to an injured passenger in another vehicle. In a unanimous ...

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CSA rejects fee suit by lawyers who handled transfer of King family farm

Three siblings who incurred a $20 million tax bill after following their lawyers’ advice on acquiring the family farm do not owe those lawyers $4.8 million for negotiating a settlement with the IRS, the Court of Special Appeals has affirmed.Yesterday’s ...

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