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Judge in the Doghouse

A dog held for more than two years by animal control got one more reprieve yesterday thanks to a judicial snafu.In what one court official called a “minor oversight,” Court of Special Appeals Judge Peter B. Krauser sat on a ...

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Early Disposition Court Goes ACM

Today the office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City will have its first complete automated case management docket for a single full session of early disposition court, an experimental solution designed to reduce the burden on the city’s criminal ...

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Loizeaux Brothers Go on Trial

Two prominent Baltimore County businessmen went to trial yesterday charged with causing the treasurer of Elijah E. Cummings’s 1996 congressional campaign to file false statements with the Federal Election Commission.Federal prosecutors told a jury in Baltimore that J. Mark Loizeaux ...

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CUO’s Statements in Condo Resale Certificate Can Create Tort Liability

Deciding a case of first impression, the Court of Appeals said Friday that a condominium’s governing board can be held liable for fraud or negligent misrepresentation based on statements made by its council of unit owners in a resale certificate ...

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UMUC Professor Gets Day in Court

Theodore C. Kariotis, a former director of economics at the University of Maryland University College who claimed he was fired for publicly objecting to the university’s plan to eliminate all full-time faculty and to employ only part-time teachers, will get ...

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Broadcast Equities: Back to the County

Constitutional exceptions to the rule that administrative review remedies must be exhausted before going to the courts were narrowed last week, after the Court of Appeals dismissed a case questioning the authority of Montgomery County to prohibit employment discrimination action. ...

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Fourth Asbestos Trial Cluster Settles OutThe fourth asbestos trial group, which was scheduled for today in Baltimore City Circuit Court, settled its remaining cases last week, reducing the asbestos docket by another 150 cases. The action echoed the outcomes of ...

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Apartment Manager Can Proceed Against Officer, City of Hyattsville

A Hyattsville property manger who called police because of an allegedly rowdy tenant — and ended up, himself, being arrested — can proceed with his civil suit against the City of Hyattsville and one of its officers because the officer ...

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Court Revisits Second-Degree Murder Case, Clarifies Issues Given to Jury

The Court of Special Appeals on Friday reissued an opinion originally reported in July, affirming its earlier decision upholding Leonard Jovan Morgan’s second-degree murder conviction.In response to the state’s motion for clarification, the court revised a paragraph noting why Morgan ...

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CSA Eases Criticism of Inadequate Record Extract in Reissued Decision

The Court of Special Appeals on Friday toned down its criticism of a scaffolding company that had provided the court with a “woefully deficient” record extract, reissuing a reported opinion originally handed down in June.The court did not change its ...

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