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During Summer Recess, Supreme Court Justices Become Globe-Trotters

Supreme Court justices, now on a three-month summer recess, like to use that time to travel — and have other people pick up the tab.Financial disclosure reports for 1999, released late last month, show the justices left the nation’s capital ...

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Widow Wonders Where the Money Went

An elderly west Baltimore widow who refinanced her mortgage for a $6,000 home improvement loan filed suit against her lender yesterday, claiming she got less than $500 at settlement, with the term of her mortgage doubled from 15 to 30 ...

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Fulton-Evans Jurors Hit Snags

A federal jury reported yesterday it had reached verdicts on some counts but was deadlocked on others in the fraud trial of state Del. Tony E. Fulton, D-Balto. City, and Annapolis lobbyist Gerard E. Evans.Judge J. Frederick Motz ordered the ...

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No ‘Simms’ Sentence Cap Unless One Crime Lesser Included Offense of Other

The Court of Special Appeals yesterday rejected several arguments made by a man who wanted his first-degree assault sentence for a 1997 shooting in Prince George’s County reduced from 20 to 10 years. Thomas Dalton Dixon, who also was sentenced ...

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Senior Judge on the Receiving EndAn attempted robbery yesterday morning in northeast Baltimore gave a senior circuit court judge a new appreciation for stories he has spent years hearing on the bench. Baltimore City Circuit Senior Judge Edward J. Angeletti ...

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Court of Appeals Rejects Federal Rule On ‘Sham Affidavits’ in 4-3 Decision

A mother’s affidavit that contradicted her earlier sworn deposition testimony was enough to defeat a landlord’s motion for summary judgment in a lead-paint poisoning case, the Court of Appeals held yesterday.The 4-3 decision reverses the Court of Special Appeals, which ...

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There’s Nothing Mini About the Jury Pool

Apart from the enormous numbers of cases, clients and dollars tied up in the mass asbestos litigation just begun in Baltimore City Circuit Court, one of the least heralded but most important numbers is that of eligible citizens available to ...

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Crab Processors: FTC Vote ‘Beginning of the End’

A decision against trade relief for U.S. crab processors battling Asian imports threatens the existence of the domestic industry, a trade group said Wednesday.The Blue Crab Coalition, the trade group that sought to restrict imported crabmeat through tariffs or quotas, ...

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Baltimore Police Officer Fights for His Job After Suspension for Hairstyle

A Rastafarian police officer stripped of his badge for refusing to cut his dredlocks is fighting the decision, claiming that cutting his hair would violate his religious beliefs.Antoine Chambers, who has been on the force for six years, says the ...

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Iran Ordered to Pay Excess of $327M for Deaths of U.S. Students

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has ordered the Iranian government and three key leaders to pay more than $327 million to the families and estates of two American students killed by a bomb in Jerusalem.In an order issued yesterday, ...

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