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Appellate Courts

Law digest: 12/10/14

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS  Criminal Procedure, DNA evidence: Under the plain meaning of a Maryland Public Safety statute providing that a match between a DNA evidence sample and a data base entry may be used only as probable cause and ...

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Opinions – 12/10/14: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Procedure Coram nobis relief  BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s coram nobis petition was barred by laches because defendant unreasonably failed to seek coram nobis relief for nine years after the imposition of his sentence, and this unreasonable delay severely prejudiced the ...

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Up in smoke: CSA affirms verdict for drugmaker in Actos litigation

In the end, Diep An’s years of smoking blocked any chance his widow and three children had of collecting the more than $1.75 million a Baltimore City Circuit Court jury tentatively awarded them last year against a drug company whose diabetes medication was linked to his bladder cancer.

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Court: State can favor bidders that have labor accords

In awarding public works contracts, Maryland can favor bidders who have a collective-bargaining agreement in place and who promise the state that labor disputes will not disrupt the project, a Maryland appeals court has held.

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Hospitals: $20.6M award could spur C-sections

The number of unnecessary and expensive cesarean sections could skyrocket if Maryland’s top court upholds a $20.6 million award against a health care facility for failing to perform the surgical procedure on a woman who later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy, the Maryland Hospital Association said in papers filed with the Court of Appeals.

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