Supreme Court

SCOTUS considers constitutionality of lethal cocktail

“Today’s oral argument in Baze v. Rees,” DC Dicta writes, “which promised to consider the constitutionality of a three-drug cocktail used in executions in Kentucky and nearly every other death penalty state, left court watchers not only unsure as to ...

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Taney sits quietly in Baltimore

Monuments in Annapolis and Frederick to Roger B. Taney, the Maryland-born Chief Justice of the United States, came under sustained attack this year, the 150th anniversary of Taney’s pro-slavery Supreme Court decision against Dred Scott’s challenge to his servitude. But ...

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More on the SCOTUS sentencing cases

Our sister blog, DC Dicta, has this post on what it’s calling the Supreme Court’s “busiest (and newsiest) decision day yet” – the three decisions extending sentencing judges’ discretion to deviate from the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines under Booker. Elsewhere, DC ...

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Scotus: Who’s good for a laugh?

Our sister blog, DC Dicta, has issued a verdict on which of the Supremes is funniest this term and the result may surprise you. So far, Justice Antonin Scalia has gotten the most laughs, according to oral argument transcripts. Second ...

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