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Nov 14, 2012

Health group proposes raising cigarette tax

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative is proposing another dollar-per-pack increase to the state’s current $2 cigarette tax. The cigarette tax has been raised three times in the last 15 years and has coincided with a 32 percent drop in cigarette smoking during that time, which is double the national average. A Campaign for Tobacco […]

Nov 14, 2012

Governors call for renewing wind energy tax credit

The fate of a tax credit that advocates say is needed to maintain tens of thousands of wind energy jobs will be decided during high-stakes, last-minute negotiations between President Obama and House Republicans over fiscal issues, officials said Tuesday. The wind energy production tax credit is due to expire at the end of the year. […]

Nov 12, 2012

Economist Basu calls for lower corporate income tax

In the midst of America’s fiscal crisis, economist Anirban Basu told members of Maryland’s Chamber of Commerce that it is imperative for the state to lower corporate income tax to create better opportunity to attract capital investment to offset the impact of decreased federal spending. Speaking at the chamber’s business policy conference in Ellicott City […]

Oct 31, 2012

IRS extends deadline for storm-hit taxpayers

WASHINGTON — The IRS is giving taxpayers and tax preparers hit by Hurricane Sandy an extra week to file returns and make payments. The tax agency says the relief will apply mainly to businesses in the storm-impacted Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states whose payroll and excise tax returns and payments are normally due on Wednesday. The […]

Oct 30, 2012

Va. grants license extensions, waives tax penalties because of storm

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia is granting people whose licenses or permits expire Oct. 31 some extra time to renew them without penalty because of this week’s storm. Gov. Bob McDonnell is also giving people and businesses harmed by the late-season hurricane that morphed into a mid-autumn blizzard in some areas a waiver on penalties or […]

Oct 22, 2012

Taxes to go up in 2013 for 163 million workers

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama isn’t talking about it and neither is Mitt Romney. But come January, 163 million workers can expect to feel the pinch of a big tax increase regardless of who wins the election. A temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes is due to expire at the end of the year […]

Oct 15, 2012

Employers welcome unemployment tax drop

Gov. Martin O’Malley and Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Secretary Leonard J. Howie III announced Monday that the state’s unemployment insurance tax will drop in 2013, with some businesses seeing their rate decrease as much as 55 percent.

Oct 15, 2012

Eye Opener: State to lower unemployment tax

A few government and politics headlines Monday morning.

Oct 10, 2012

Cato gives O’Malley a ‘D’ for growth

A report released Tuesday by the Cato Institute names the best and worst governors for economic growth. While Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley avoided a failing grade, Cato says he's barely passing.

Sep 5, 2012

N.Y. court hears challenge to lap-dance tax

ALBANY, N.Y. — No one would confuse the Nite Moves strip club with the Bolshoi Ballet, but what the lap dancers do there is art and entitled to the same tax exemption other performances enjoy, a lawyer argued Wednesday in what was surely one of the racier tax cases ever to go before New York’s […]

Aug 27, 2012

State takes to YouTube to fight poor business perception

Apparently tired of frequent attacks from Maryland Republicans, who routinely condemn the state's Democratic leadership for developing a business-unfriendly attitude in the state, the state's executive branch has authored blog posts and editorials telling their side.

Aug 24, 2012

Later school start equals more money for state?

Students return to Baltimore City Public Schools Monday, and several other jurisdictions have had full classrooms for the last week. ...

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