Baltimore Child Abuse Center

The Baltimore Child Abuse Center waiting area has a welcoming, friendly, warm and inviting design to help calm and soothe clients dealing with traumatic experiences. Families who come to the child abuse center are often in shock, dealing with abuse and violence, including homicide and other tragic events. The child abuse center’s space offers immediate comfort as families wait to see a professional counselor. There are games, an oversized dollhouse, a bookshelf stocked with children’s books and a TV to offer distraction and bring joy. The colors strike a balance of warm, soothing tones: comfortable seats are a calming blue, a natural green and a warm orange. Inviting furniture and a beautiful oversized wall mosaic embrace those who enter the space. The Baltimore Child Abuse Center’s waiting area was designed with purpose and gives families hope as they deal with traumatic circumstances.

Trees painted on the walls provide visitors with opportunities to look at art, consider nature and just relax. White and yellow walls surround the space.

The mission of Baltimore Child Abuse Center is to provide victims of child sexual abuse, trauma and other Adverse Childhood Experiences in Baltimore and their non-offending caretakers with comprehensive forensic interviews, medical treatment and mental health treatment, with a goal of preventing future trauma. Baltimore Child Abuse Center is a nonprofit subsidiary of LifeBridge Health.

Year after year, Baltimore Child Abuse Center helps approximately 1,000 children and their families by providing free services to ensure a healthy recovery.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Baltimore Child Abuse Center
2300 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD
(410) 396-6147