Filbert Street Garden

Filbert Street Garden is a gem of Curtis Bay, at the southern tip of Baltimore city. It is a community-owned and operated garden, educational center, and community gathering and event space.

The garden hosts the largest community beeyard in Maryland. Its honeybees pollinate a three-mile radius around the garden, covering most of Curtis Bay, Brooklyn and Brooklyn Park. The master beekeeper accepts apprentices each year to assist in the beeyard and to learn the art of apiculture. Honey is sold to community members and local businesses.

The garden is home to a range of wildlife and domestic livestock, including a mixed flock of chickens. Many of the hens are rescue birds from hoarding situations or former strays. The chickens wander around, eating pests such as hornworms, ticks, wax moths and cucumber beetles. At their peak, the chickens lay a dozen eggs a day, which are distributed to the community.

The garden also has a small flock of ducks, which reduce garden pests, provide delicious eggs — and teach waterfowl education. Two young geese provide protection to the waterfowl flock by running off predators. In addition, two dwarf goats clear brush around the garden in areas where they are allowed to pasture. Both goats are pregnant and expecting in late winter. The garden is a beautiful, critical asset for the Curtis Bay community, providing fresh produce and eggs, honey and, most important, access to a vibrant green space in an industrial, stressed area.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Filbert Street Garden
1317 Filbert St. Baltimore MD 21225