Humanim, American Brewery Building

The American Brewery building is a rare surviving example of 19th- century brewery architecture – it was built in 1863, rebuilt in 1887, closed in 1973, donated to the city in 1977 and restored in 2009.

This east Baltimore landmark boasts a late Victorian architectural style, 80% of the original wood window frames and wood structure, exposed brick, as well as high ceilings and an open floor plan throughout.

The restoration of the American Brewery building became the project of Humanim, a nonprofit organization from Columbia. After lying vacant for more than 30 years, the building was identified by Humanim as a potential site for its Baltimore operations in 2005. Later, in 2006, the terms were set for what would become an award-winning, $25 million project to restore and renovate the building.
Humanim took occupancy in 2009, creating over 300 new jobs primarily filled by community members and residents of Baltimore, and started five social impact businesses to provide training and employment for residents who are experiencing barriers to employment.

In addition to workspaces and offices, the American Brewery building serves as an event space, hosting events from community organizations to corporate gatherings. Since the restoration in 2009, the building has won numerous awards for historic preservation and architecture and has been a featured location of Doors Open Baltimore.

Humanim wanted to place its programs and services within the community that it was serving. The brewery sits in the middle of the Broadway East neighborhood. Due to its central location and services provided, the Brewery is seen by urban planners as an anchor for community.

Property Details
Name of the Place
American Brewery Building
1701 N Gay St. Baltimore, MD. 21213
(410) 381-7171