McClintock Distilling

The Carroll Creek section of Frederick has seen a boom in the innovative use of old spaces. The McClintock Distilling company is no different.

Located in a 100-year-old mechanic’s garage, McClintock made the most of the historic space.  In an interview with the Frederick News Post, part-owner Braeden Bumpers touched on just some of what McClintock did when converting the space.

“We worked to restore our historic 105-year-old building to its original condition, while adding some modern amenities in the process,” he said. “We love the aesthetic of the ‘Frederick Red’ brick walls and original steel trusses blended with our state-of-the-art distilling equipment and some modern touches we installed for the weddings and events we hold here. The building was originally one of the first auto mechanic garages in the mid-Atlantic and worked on electric vehicles (before the Model T even came out), so it was nice to see it restored to an industrial space.”

The restored building sits along Carroll Creek, allowing for easy foot traffic to the distilling company’s retail store and beautiful photo opportunities for the many weddings hosted on-site.

The distillery features a closed-loop cooling system that recirculates water to help cool the still. It also has a holding tank in the production area where it stores water for reuse.

The distillery is named for McClintock Young, a renowned inventor in the 1800s from Frederick. A cabin connected with Young stands in the foothills outside Frederick, and one of the company’s owners was given stewardship of the cabin.

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McClintock Distilling
35 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD 21701
(240) 815-5259