Quinn Evans Architects

Quinn Evans, formerly known as Cho Been Holback + Associates, has been on the same floor of the office building at 100 N. Charles Street since 2001. After being acquired in 2017, the firm renovated its office space in 2019 but worked to maintain the same culture.

The full-floor office renovation creates a 21st-century workplace for the architect/design tenant in the iconic 100 N. Charles Street office tower originally designed by the renowned architect Mies van der Rohe. The design celebrates the legacy of the iconic mid-century modernist building by exposing the waffle slab concrete deck as a finished ceiling, polishing the original concrete subfloor and delicately “touching” the exterior walls and ceiling. Daylight and views to the city beyond are intentionally celebrated throughout and every space maintains a visual connection to the exterior walls.

The workplace design explores the notion of “working away from your desk” and fostering collaboration by creating a variety of spaces, ranging from a 16-foot collaboration bar in the kitchen to breakout spaces throughout the design studios. A large glazed garage door provides flexible separation between a working conference room and the café area to allow scalable meetings and large events.

Architectural finishes draw cues from both the iconic Mies building as well as the city. Digitally fabricated panels, manufactured by past client and frequent collaborator, Open Works, adorn the lobby and abstract the pattern of the waffle slab ceiling. Clusters of small meeting rooms, distributed through the space, are clad in plywood engraved with the city map. Colorful graphics are laser-cut into the carpet flooring.

Property Details
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Quinn Evans
100 N. Charles Street, 14th Floor Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 576-0440