Ulman House

Ulman House is not only an awesome resource for young adults, it’s also a unique building with lots of character. Cancer patients ages 15-39 can stay for free at Ulman House with their caregivers while receiving treatment in Baltimore. This young adult hospitality house is a hip, youthful space with lots of sunshine.

With a silver LEED certification, Ulman House combines the restored original exterior with a brand new modern interior.

Originally six row homes, five of those homes were purchased through East Baltimore Development Inc. for $1 each. The final row home was purchased from a private owner and donated to the Ulman Foundation. The house was deconstructed from the inside, leaving the original Baltimore stoops and stars on the brick exterior.

Inside the house, you will find lots of natural light, a modern kitchen, nine suites, a laundry room, a full gym and a music room.  Ulman House promotes holistic healing is through music. The BoStrong music room, operated by the BoStrong Foundation, offers live music.

The community that develops at Ulman House makes it a cool space. It’s not the handmade reclaimed wood dining table that makes dinner special; it’s the breaking of bread with fellow cancer fighters and volunteers that creates memorable moments. It’s not the grand piano or the tin can ukulele that makes the music room unique; it’s the laughter shared over a botched note that makes us all feel human. It’s not the original marble stoops that make Ulman House stand out; it’s the reciprocal relationships that make this house a (temporary!) home.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Ulman House
2118 E. Madison Street, Baltimore, MD 212105
(410) 964-0202