Visit Baltimore

The Visit Baltimore offices feature artwork and furniture throughout the space that was created by local artists. This was intentional, as the organization wanted to bring a true sense of Baltimore into the office so it can celebrate the city it markets and sells every day.

A few highlights around the office include:

Baltimore Rowhouse – a mural by Kelly Walker, Artstar Custom Paintworks. This mural greets visitors when they arrive to the Visit Baltimore offices and is inspired by the row homes across the city of Baltimore.

Thurgood Marshall and Billie Holiday artwork – by students of Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School No. 215. Each year in celebration of Black History Month, the students of Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School No. 215 create and dedicate a mural of a prominent African-American figure with ties to Baltimore.

Two large tables were built by Anything Wood & Metal and Sandtown Furniture.

Staff photography – employees submitted artwork of their own of classic Baltimore establishments around town. Selected printed photographs include Camden Yards, Patterson Park, Visitor Center West Shore Park and Rash Field.

Graffiti Alley – Mural created by Nether. The meeting room was designed to celebrate the mission of Graffiti Alley and the creatives who call Baltimore home. Nether is a Baltimore-born and based street artist and mural painter driven by beautification and strategic action aimed at sparking conversation.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Visit Baltimore
400 East Pratt Street, 10th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202