Betamore @ City Garage

City Garage was originally used as Baltimore’s bus repair depot. Now it’s home to Betamore, a unique co-working space in South Baltimore near Port Covington.

The building still has the industrial feel and original bay openings that were left as part of the renovation. Each company’s space features floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

In 2017, Betamore 2.0 was built in the large, open “Main Street” area of the garage and includes a large co-working area, private offices, an upper-level mezzanine space for dedicated desks and open-air collaborative spaces. There is also a classroom, small meeting rooms and a large event space.

Betamore is available for corporate events, off-site meetings and company parties. As a nonprofit, Betamore works hard to build meaningful community relationships.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the space has been used by various organizations to help in the response to the crisis. Daily and weekly calls were held with organizations to best collaborate a response. The building has been used for food distribution, mask manufacturing and a staging area for other supply deliveries for the community.

Betamore was started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs with building a community at its core. The idea of building community through thoughtful, relevant programming in a creative and inspiring space is key. It helped build workforce and professional development programs to assist organizations from startups to enterprise gain access to the talent and resources needed to grow, innovate and reach the next level.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Betamore @ City Garage
101 W. Dickman Street, Suite 1000, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 861-0534