Chasen Companies Headquarters

When Chasen Companies was planning its new headquarters it wanted to keep with the companies’ vision of transforming older properties into new modern spaces.

For its headquarters, Chasen took an old row home on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore and transformed it into into a modern multi-floor space where its close-knit team and partners could collaborate. The former bedrooms were turned into private offices. The gathering rooms – living room, family room and basement – were converted to collaborative workspaces.

A “Charm City” mural in the conference room pays tribute to the company’s roots in Baltimore.

While the inside of the row home was transformed for workspace, the outside fits in with the community. It maintains its historic charm and character, helping with the continuation and extension of the neighborhood into Harbor East.

Chasen worked on the renovations during the COVID-19 pandemic starting in the spring. It was able to move into the space in September. A large garage door opens from the main floor to an outside private patio that allows for an open-air environment and air circulation. There’s a rooftop deck space with access from a second kitchen and even a basement pickleball court that helps promote team building while allowing social distance.

The space is a true extension of Chasen’s corporate vision as it acquires, develops and manges luxury properties in the greater Baltimore and Washington markets. Each space is designed to provide a boutique setting while maintaining the historic heritage of the property.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Chasen Companies Headquarters
1511 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD