Some workplaces took advantage of the work-from-home option during the COVID-19 pandemic to update office space. That was the case with Fearless, which undertook a large expansion during 2020.

Initially meant to create more space for the growing company, Fearless joined many companies that moved to remote work last year. The expansion has allowed them to welcome a limited number of employees into the office safely as each one can work in their own office and remain distant from one another.

The space was designed with community in mind with murals that are a reminder of the community it serves. Before COVID, Fearless would open its space to community partners and field trips to help foster the next generation of STEM students.

As part of the 2020 expansion, a series of murals was commissioned as a reminder of the power that youth and people can have on the community around them.

“You walk past, and you see young Black kids on the wall represented through technology,” said Fearless CEO Delali Dzirasa. “It’s a reminder to us to continue to help bridge that divide that often exists in these underrepresented groups.”

There is a library were employees can grow their skills and share knowledge. There are desks with treadmills for those who want to move a little while they work or burn off some of the homemade goodies that are a staple of the office.

There is also a “calf lounge” designed for children of employees. It features couches, toy boxes, games and karaoke equipment and a fridge so that workers can bring their children to the office.

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8 Market Place, Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21202
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