The Warshawski headquarters transformed a historic church building in the Mount Washington area of Baltimore into its office space.

Warshawski opened the space in September 2019, but the former St. John’s Episcopal church building dates back to the 1800s. The nearly 200-year-old building has been transformed into an architectural masterpiece and modern workspace.

Even though it was faced with both architectural and historic preservation challenges, Warshawski was able to create a warm exciting environment for the team to continue to grow. The main entrance was shifted from the north to the east side of the building, but it incorporates the original entrance of the church. The heavy wooden doors were able to be preserved and refurbished and are painted a bright yellow to match the corporate color. All the original hardware from the doors was preserved and refurbished.

Warshawski used a similar approach throughout the building, working to incorporate the church and its fixtures while creating a new space that enhances collaboration in an inspiring work environment.

To maximize the use of vertical space, an open mezzanine level was added. It structure provides an open, light-filled workspace for the team.

The original friendship hall of the church has been converted into a multimedia studio for on-site photo and video shoots. It hopes to host meetings, presentations and even conferences once it can do so safely.

The basement has been converted into more office space with an industrial vibe for W Ventures an incubator hub that features a dedicated entrance from the outside. The former vestry for the church has been turned into living space to fully take advantage of all of the previous church’s space.

Property Details
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1700 South Road Baltimore, MD 21209