Icon Honors Application

Letters of recommendation are highly encouraged due to the quantity of applicants for this award. Please send any supporting materials to events@thedailyrecord.com.

Applications and up to 3 letters of recommendation are due by October 7, 2021.

Information provided on this form may be used by The Daily Record in the corresponding event publication.

To be eligible for this award, the winner must live in or work in Maryland at the time of judging.

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  • Please type the name of your company as how you would like to see it in print
  • (e.g. http://www.linkedin.com/profileview?id=1234567)
  • List most recent first
  • List your current most position and describe what you would consider your career highlights are.
  • Please give ONE example that demonstrates how you have mentored others outside of the guidance you provide to your direct reports.
  • Please include dates.
  • Please include dates.
  • What awards have you been most proud to receive? List most recent first and include Year, Award/Honor Name and Awarding Institution
  • Describe ways you have helped the Maryland business community grow and how you continue to champion your industry through professional creativity, innovation and leadership.
  • Age requirement is strictly for application process only and will not be promoted.
  • Notify me by email about Icon Honors, as well as The Daily Record's other events and special offers.