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At night Athletic09MFTim Polanowski was driving one night when he caught sight of a jogger, who was barely visible in his dark athletic wear. Polanowski and his wife, Julie, are both runners and he wondered how visible they really were to drivers when they were out for a nighttime run.

This is a problem that needs fixing, Polanowski thought, and this year, he came up with the solution.

Polanowski, who holds an MBA from the University of Baltimore, started to design illuminated athletic wear. The workout pants are equipped with a lightweight power pack that illuminates LED lights. The pack can be detached so the pants can be washed and dried. The power pack also has two panic buttons that can signal the lights to blink red and a siren to go off.

The company’s products will become available before the end of the year and will include men’s shorts and women’s capris pants. They plan to eventually offer long pants, bicycling shorts and women’s shorts.

Targeted users range from teens to seniors, Polanowski said. The lighted wear appeals to younger customers, while the safety features appeal to older ones.

“I realized there were no good options and figured out why,” Polanowski said. “We addressed the ‘whys’ and we came up with our lighted athletic wear system.”