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Even after they have gained English proficiency, 76% of Maryland Hispanics speak a language other than English at home – and Spanish is the most common.

That statistic prompted Comcast’s Multicultural Service Team to make changes for the Spanish-speaking audience – or about half a million Maryland cusomters.

In September 2015 – during Hispanic Heritage Month — Comcast released its X1 En Espanol television service in both English and Spanish. X1 uses IP technology and the cloud to bring video and social media options to its viewers.  The “En Espanol” version also provides Spanish-speakers with the X1 Voice Remote feature that recognizes commands in Spanish, which can help these viewers more readily find the content they desire in the language of their choice.

The service’s Spanish Talking Guide a can help blind viewers or those with a visual disability navigate the X1 En Espanol platform. This guide uses a female voice in Spanish to real aloud program titles, network names and time slots, as well as DVR and On Demand settings. This May, Comcast also made the Xfinity Kids Zone available in Spanish.

To get ready for the initiatives, Comcast also conducted employee training programs, demos, media outreach and other grassroot efforts to educate consumers.