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Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Inc.

Smith, Stacey Cybersecurity Association01MFMaryland has untold numbers of individuals, businesses and government agencies involved in the cybersecurity industry. Now, it has a nonprofit organization to coordinate and boost those efforts – and in the process, make the state a leader in the field.

The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc., formed in 2015, is led by Stacey Smith, the former cyber community manager for the Maryland Department of Commerce.

Spending on cybersecurity is expected quadruple to $2 trillion in the next several years, experts say, and CAMI was created to help Maryland take advantage of that revenue and create local jobs.

“There were plenty of people and organizations dabbling in economic development for the state through the cybersecurity industry, but they were functioning in silos, basically working on their own (or) in competition with others doing the same,” Smith said. “No one was completely focused on ensuring that Maryland takes advantage of its unique position.”

Among other things, CAMI has created an online directory of the state’s cybersecurity companies and is promoting it globally.

Skeptics questioned whether such a collaborative effort would work, Smith said, but in less than a year, 27 business organizations and hundreds of cybersecurity companies have signed on to participate.