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Element Fleet Management

Cunningham, Michele Element10MFTechnology, data, analytics: The buzz about their necessity for the future of business success in nearly every professional field is ubiquitous. And the fleet vehicle industry is no exception, said Michele Cunningham, senior vice president of products and services for Element Fleet Management of Sparks.

The company plans to invest some $100 million in an advanced technology platform that will allow more connectivity for fleets and insights into key data to optimize fleet management, cut costs and improve efficiency for its clients, she said. Element Fleet Management also hopes the system will attract and help retain tech-loving employees.

The platform will serve as a bridge that allows the firm to more quickly and easily release yet newer technology, such as mobile apps for drivers and branch managers, she said. The platform also will enable drivers to report mileage for tax purposes, locate the nearest gas or service station, order a vehicle without stepping foot in a showroom and then track its delivery and identify higher fuel spends or vehicle downtime.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity and proud to see Element shift from a leasing company into a services and tech organization,” Cunningham said. “As a leader of people, I thrive on helping the individuals who have been a part of this transformation to stretch and reach further—I am witnessing them accomplish more than they thought they could individually and collectively.”