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Goucher College

The traditional college application process can be great for many students; but for others, it may not cast their talents and abilities in the best light.

“There’s a lot of concern that the college application model is broken — I use the word ‘insane’ sometimes,” said Jose Antonio Bowen, president of Goucher College in Towson.

That’s why the school decided to become the first in the nation to accept video applications that allow students to highlight what makes them unique, why they would flourish at the school and how they would fit in, he said.

“Goucher College’s bold move to find a new way to discover talent and increase college access through its Goucher Video Application (GVA) has worked,” he said. “Students who were accepted through the GVA did slightly better during their first semester than their peers admitted through the conventional application process, confirming the GVA is just as capable of predicting success in college as more traditional application methods.”

And Bowen said Goucher isn’t stopping at the application process; it’s always rethinking higher liberal arts education and how it can be made better, more affordable and more equitable. “I would just say wait and see,” he said. “We are always up to something.”