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Pedro A. Palomino | Palomino Media Group

Palomino, Pedro09MFSix years ago, journalist Pedro A. Palomino launched a Facebook page aimed at filling what he saw as a yawning information gap in Baltimore: A lack of news for and about the Latino community.

Today, his Somos Baltimore Latino has evolved from merely reporting the news into “a way to inform, warn, inspire and educate our community,” he said.

And, he’s built a mini-media empire that also includes Mundo Latino Baltimore, a monthly print newspaper that serves Baltimore’s Hispanic community with the same passion and zeal as his online work.

While still a small, family-run business, Palomino now has nearly 18,000 social media followers and reaches 20,000 readers with his monthly. He has won plaudits from Maryland’s governor, Baltimore’s mayor and the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“Pedro’s dedication to our community led him to innovate the way in which digital media is used to inform and educate members of our community,” wrote Jorge Castillo, the chamber’s president, in nominating Palomino. “The impact that his voice has had in our community goes beyond unifying it, and touches deep within its members, because they realize that someone is out there who really cares, and who uses technology and his voice to inform, elevate and protect them.”