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Sagamore Development Company, LLC

Sagamore Beta City Garage MF24In 20 years or so, Port Covington will be a $5 billion collection of offices and shops, restaurants and a rye whiskey distillery, anchored by the expansive new headquarters of Under Armour, the hugely successful sportswear company.

For now, the fledgling waterfront super-development is the home of City Garage, a former bus depot that has been transformed into a manufacturing innovation center by Sagamore Development Co., Under Armour’s investment arm.

The 135,000-square-ft. building opened this year and already is fully leased. Besides Under Armour’s innovation team, tenants include: the Foundery, a facility where small companies can manufacture their goods and people can learn a variety of building trades; Bustin Boards, a skateboard designer; and, Ready Robotics, a robotics firm run mostly by Johns Hopkins University graduates.

“What all of the companies in City Garage have in common is that they make products, create jobs, and are committed to Maryland,” said Sagamore President Mark Weller. “City Garage also gives companies the chance to collaborate and innovate next to the world’s fastest growing company and the most successful brand, Under Armour.”

City Garage has been such a success, Weller said, that the company envisions a “City Garage 2.0,” filled with another round of entrepreneurs.

“We are creating a pipeline for innovation in Baltimore,” Weller said. “Imagine that person could invent a product in The Foundery, grow their company in City Garage and then establish a retail location or full scale manufacturing facility in Port Covington.”