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Anne Colt Leitess

Anne Colt Leitess

Anne Colt Leitess

Chief of the Special Victims Unit
Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City

Drawn to “whodunits” since she was a teenager, Anne Colt Leitess remains fascinated with piecing together evidence in complex cases and maintaining focus on getting justice for the victims of the city’s worst crimes.

She now serves as chief of the Special Victims Unit for the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.

“I could think of nothing worse than someone being murdered and someone not being held accountable,” said Leitess, a career prosecutor whose current work focuses on justice for child victims of violent or sexual crimes.

“You cannot prosecute on a popularity contest,” she added. “The law is what you have to serve. Being a good leader is being confident and sure of your decisions and not being swayed or influenced.”

Leitess was previously Anne Arundel County’s first female state’s attorney after working for years leading the office’s Violent Crimes Trial Team. With roots in Baltimore, as a former law clerk and prosecutor of juvenile crimes, Leitess returned to the city in January after losing the election in Anne Arundel.

“I enjoy finding bits of evidence in a case whose significance has been overlooked and realizing that it will help prove another part of my case,” she said.

A partial fingerprint on a toothbrush, cell tower evidence and E-ZPass video surveillance have helped crack some of her most puzzling cases, she said.

Leitess has mentored many young attorneys over the years, especially women, and tells them that preparation and commitment are key to success.

“I believe that the No. 1 resource for attorneys is watching their colleagues in court,” she said. “If I can have that same impact and help others succeed in the court room, then I have been a leader in the best possible way.”