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Dennis M. Robinson Jr.

Dennis M. Robinson Jr.

Dennis M. Robinson Jr.

Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP

Family influences the way Dennis M. Robinson Jr. practices law and how he empathizes with his clients and the community, he said.

Robinson is a partner at Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP.

“I hear people say it cannot be done, but I consider my most significant accomplishment to be maintaining an appropriate balance between my family, my profession and my community,” he said.

Robinson is a member of many community boards, president of the Perry Hall Improvement Association, chair of Friends of the Northeast Trail and co-owner of Gunpowder Lodge, a Kingsville restaurant, which he views as an extension of his community involvement.

He spends a lot of time with his children, even helping his son draft legislation to increase consumer awareness about the harm caused by invasive species. The proud father said that his son testified before legislative committees, and the law passed. He added that his 3-year-old daughter will probably become equally interested in social issues.

“I think it is important to do what you can to make where you live a better place,” he said. “While I do not have any grandiose visions of drastically changing the world, I am convinced it is possible to make substantial progress in your community by being actively involved.”

He said he likes to think that he’s setting a good example for his kids and for the junior attorneys at his firm.

Robinson tells the lawyers he mentors the importance of being themselves, he said.

“I think you are doing a disservice to a client if you try to be something you are not,” Robinson said. “People need to learn to be effective advocating in a way that is comfortable for them.”