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Hon. Erik H. Nyce

Hon. Erik H. Nyce

Hon. Erik H. Nyce

District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County

As the fifth-generation lawyer in his family, the Hon. Erik H. Nyce said he works hard to uphold the core legal values he learned through years practicing as a trial attorney — preparation, grace and patience.

“It’s a people-driven process, and ultimately I get the most satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that the decision I make is the best decision I can make, or I don’t make it and wait until I can give it the best decision,” said Nyce, who is a judge in the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County.

His work as a trial lawyer in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., was invaluable in preparing him for his role as a judge, he said.

“It taught me how to reduce complex matters to the simplest issues and facts,” he said. “Since I was a perpetual outsider, I approached each case with kindness and grace.”

The work also made him adaptable in the most stressful situations, a trait that is important on the bench, he said.

“As a lawyer or judge you never know what may confront you in terms of legal or factual issues, and there is always the possibility of unexpected conflict,” he said.

As chair of the Law 101/Bench to Bar series, Nyce moderates a panel of speakers on many legal issues; through the court’s internship program, he has also guided law school, undergraduate school and high school students.

He has an open-door policy and said his best piece of advice to lawyers always hinges on preparation.

“Every young lawyer must be prepared before entering the courtroom. This means understanding the case, reviewing the evidence, researching the issues and having a thorough understanding of the applicable law,” Nyce said.