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Richard M. Barnes

Richard M. Barnes

Richard M. Barnes

Goodell DeVries

Richard M. Barnes delves into technical and regulatory issues to work with experts on complex cases.

As a general business and products liability litigator, he has taken on several major cases with medical device failures and recalls. His most significant case came in 1995, when he was already a partner at Goodell DeVries.

The firm was coordinating counsel for a pacemaker medical device with a potentially fatal failure mechanism. They needed to determine why the device was failing, undertake a worldwide recall and then turn to liability concerns.

“I have been fortunate to participate in real-world problem solving that goes beyond the traditional practice of law,” Barnes said.

He worked with regulators in the U.S., Australia, Canada and in some countries in the European Union. The measures his client adopted were effective in reducing patient injuries from the device and have been employed by other medical device companies to manage patient risks in product recalls.

This year, Barnes helped defeat a multimillion dollar claim against Dentsply International for patent royalties and future royalties on various endodontic patents and inventions.

“It was a great success and win for not only the client but also my firm,” he said. “It was an extensive and grueling case, and all of our hard work paid off in the end.”

Barnes is an active member of the Maryland State Bar Association. He was a volunteer mentor at the Central Presbyterian Church in Towson for a group of young men transitioning from school into adulthood for many years, and he also teaches confirmation classes to high school students at the church. He is on the board of directors for the more than 2,000-resident Charlestown Retirement Community.