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Sara H. Arthur

Sara H. Arthur

Sara H. Arthur

Managing Member
Arthur Law

Sara H. Arthur started her own firm in 2007, just as the Great Recession hit and impacted many of her homeowners association clients.

Specializing in administrative and real property law, she is solutions-oriented, and that challenge helped her find practical ways to address new needs. The recession changed the types of issues her clients were dealing with and the amount of assets they had. Before the recession, she only had about 40 collections cases for 60 associations; and in 2010 she had about 300.

“The impact of that allowed me to use my skills, particularly common sense and practical solutions in advising my boards as to how to weather the storm,” Arthur said.

She first came to Annapolis to clerk at the Maryland Court of Appeals and ended up loving the area. She has lived there for 32 years, and watched as the female presence on the Anne Arundel Bar has grown.

“There’s a camaraderie, a lot of support,” Arthur said. “It’s been incredibly helpful to me and then [I am] paying it forward to other women who are coming to town, to support them.”

She also served as the first woman commissioner of the Anne Arundel County Liquor Board, and now represents the board as a client.

She is the treasurer of the Maryland State Bar Association and is active with the Mock Trial Competition through the association. She enjoys watching high school students from across the state learn how to use their strengths to advocate.

“They bring such incredible enthusiasm to it, and I really like to support and encourage what they are doing,” Arthur said.