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Ferrier R. Stillman

Ferrier R. Stillman

Ferrier R. Stillman

Tydings & Rosenberg LLP

Ferrier R. Stillman has been a health care advocate for Maryland families since 1995, when she was the assistant secretary for business and regulatory services with the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene for two years.

Stillman, now a partner with Tydings & Rosenberg LLP in Baltimore, takes great pride in her years as board chair for Planned Parenthood of Maryland, from 2010 to 2014, and has been on the board for 10 years now.

“My fundraising and direction of the organization as chair in a period of transition from a longtime CEO to a new CEO helped strengthen its services, especially for low-income women,” she said.

Stillman, who also has been on the board of trustees with the Center for a Healthy Maryland since 2007, has lobbied state legislators and other officials on behalf of the two nonprofit boards.

“I fought for a bill that passed in 2014 that requires insurance companies to send explanation of benefits forms to patients, rather than the insured member of their family, upon the patient’s request,” she said. “This law protects the privacy of domestic violence and sexual assault victims who do not want their parents or spouse to know they have obtained health care.”

Stillman’s community service experience has helped her build a flourishing health law and family law practice.

“As a family law attorney, I work to resolve painful family disputes in a way that moves families and children toward healthy co-parenting and growth and away from high-conflict relationships,” she said. I also provide the advocacy that clients need to move on with their lives.”