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Hon. Tiffany H. Anderson

Hon. Tiffany H. Anderson

Hon. Tiffany H. Anderson

Tiffany H. Anderson, administrative judge for the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County, works hard each day to make sure the team she likes and respects, including one of the state’s busiest benches, is happy in their jobs.

For instance, Anderson is happy to report the court’s staff members are getting new work stations this summer for the first time in 24 years.

“I’m focused on the staff, making their work environment better,” Anderson said. “That translates to serving the public. I know that every day I go to work, I want to have an impact on the people who are coming before the court.”

In 2015, she and her team instituted a roundtable symposium for the District Court, inviting lawyers to meet and interact with  judges to gain more knowledge of each other’s work and the day-to-day processes of the court, she said. They also learned how some new state laws are impacting cases in various legal fields. The event turned into such a hit, the court scheduled another for this April.

She’s also worked to improve the efficiency, by, for example, shortening the daily docket to 20 or so cases per judge instead of 35 per day, Anderson said. The former rate didn’t leave sufficient time to finish each case by the end of the day, clogging the docket and delaying the conclusion of trials.

Anderson even takes a case from time to time, taking along a notepad to jot down ideas for improvement.

“I always see something I want to change,” she said. “I have really enjoyed being a lawyer and a judge. In fact, I think this is about the best job in the world.”

Appointed as administrative judge in 2014, Anderson said she has been honored and humbled by the nod, particularly because she is one of the first African-American women to have been appointed to the position.

“For me, that brings a lot of responsibility,” she said. “I want someone else to say, ‘I can aspire to be that person and do that.’”