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Miller, JayMF07Jay D. Miller

Trial attorney
Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos PC

Jay Miller is a medical malpractice and personal injury attorney. In 2013, Miller was one of the attorneys who represented more than 300 clients in a medical malpractice suit against Dr. Mark Midei and St. Joseph Medical Center over unnecessary coronary artery stents. He helped to negotiate the largest medical malpractice settlement in the state and the case caused hospitals across the country to review their procedures.

Here in Maryland, the General Assembly established a subcommittee to study statewide protocol for stent procedures to ensure that only necessary medical devices would be implanted.

Miller earned both his bachelor’s and law degrees from the University of Baltimore. He serves on the Baltimore County Bar Association’s executive council.

For the past 14 years, Miller also has served on the Maryland State Bar Association’s lawyer assistance committee, the last five years as vice chairman. He holds a similar role with the Baltimore County Bar Association. Both committees assist lawyers and judges with alcohol and drug problems. In some instances, Miller has driven lawyers to treatment centers to ensure they checked in and received needed treatment. He also supports their recoveries as they return to their careers.

“Although my ego has been satisfied with my trial work, I have been truly humbled and my professional and personal live has been truly rewarded with my accomplishments with the lawyer assistance committee,” Miller said.

In 2005, Miller received the Judith P. Ritchey Achievement Award from the Baltimore County Bar Association, which is given to members who make significant, unrecognized contributions to the association.