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Jordan J. Lysczek

Jordan J. Lysczek

Jordan J. Lysczek

Lysczek Law Office PC

While in law school, Jordan Lysczek successfully lobbied the Maryland General Assembly for an increased penalty for those convicted of a child abuse offense that results in death. The cause was a personal one for Lysczek, whose infant daughter was killed by the child’s father.

“I witnessed firsthand the difficulty in establishing malice of forethought in child abuse cases,” Lysczek said. “It took two years of work for the law to pass. But since its passage, several convicted child abuse abusers have faced an increased sentence, comparable to the sentence one would face if convicted of second-degree murder.”

In 2015, Lysczek opened her own “low-bono” practice in Hancock, serving low-to-moderate -income clients who do not qualify for legal aid but cannot afford an attorney at market rates by using a sliding scale for fees.

She volunteers with the Washington County Bar Association, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, Hospice of Washington County and founded the Rural Children’s Fund, which raises money for nonprofits that serve children and families.