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Leaders in Law Honorees

The following is a complete list of Leaders in Law (formerly Leadership in Law) honorees. People can be honored in different categories. New categories were added in 2022 honoring even more people across the legal profession. The Generation J.D. category honors the up-and-coming individuals and the Lifetime Achievement honors men and women who have achieved great things professionally and in the community. Those marked with an * after their last names were selected as that year’s Top Winner by the other Leadership in Law honorees that year. You can sort using the columns or use the search box on the right to search for specific people.

TitleFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameSuffixCategoryYear
IrmaS.RakerAlternative Dispute Resolution2022
Tara A.BarnesGeneration J.D.2016
Jamar R.BrownGeneration J.D.2016
Hon.John AlvinHendersonJr.Generation J.D.2016
Jordan J.LysczekGeneration J.D.2016
KathleenMcLernan-WalzGeneration J.D.2016
BenjaminMeredithGeneration J.D.2016
Heather R.PrugerGeneration J.D.2016
Jeremy D.RachlinGeneration J.D.2016
Michelle DaughterySiriGeneration J.D.2016
Ebony M.ThompsonGeneration J.D.2016
Thomas M.WeschlerJr.Generation J.D.2016
AdamAbelsonGeneration J.D.2017
Gustav W.EylerGeneration J.D.2017
Elizabeth A.HafeyGeneration J.D.2017
William CarlIslerIIGeneration J.D.2017
Sierra B.MitchellGeneration J.D.2017
JessicaQuincosaGeneration J.D.2017
G. AdamRutherGeneration J.D.2017
Alecia FrisbyTroutGeneration J.D.2017
RyanWalburnGeneration J.D.2017
MoniseBrownGeneration J.D.2018
JoshuaCaplanGeneration J.D.2018
CatherineGrasonGeneration J.D.2018
JonathanHavensGeneration J.D.2018
VenroyJulyGeneration J.D.2018
ThomasPrevasGeneration J.D.2018
KerriSmithGeneration J.D.2018
Richard L.AdamsIIIGeneration J.D.2019
ImohAkpanGeneration J.D.2019
Josephine M.BahnGeneration J.D.2019
Emmanuel A.FishelmanGeneration J.D.2019
Henry E.FloydJr.Generation J.D.2019
TJKeiltyGeneration J.D.2019
Lauren E.LakeGeneration J.D.2019
HollyMirabellaGeneration J.D.2019
Angela DavisPallozziGeneration J.D.2019
Indira K.SharmaGeneration J.D.2019
Darryl L.TarverGeneration J.D.2019
HeatherWelchArbogastGeneration J.D.2021
ShariFlemingGeneration J.D.2021
AshleighJ. F.LynnGeneration J.D.2021
NicholasR.McDanielsGeneration J.D.2021
RaynnaA.NkwanyouGeneration J.D.2021
ThomasinaPoirotGeneration J.D.2021
AartiKaurSidhuGeneration J.D.2021
NicholasStewartGeneration J.D.2021
TonyWilliamTorainIIGeneration J.D.2021
NicoleK.WhitecareGeneration J.D.2021
GueterAurelienGeneration J.D.2022
JessicaD.CoraceGeneration J.D.2022
AnnaHorevayGeneration J.D.2022
ChristopherS.JennisonGeneration J.D.2022
KayleighT.KeiltyGeneration J.D.2022
NeelLalchandaniGeneration J.D.2022
DouglasNivens IIEsq.Generation J.D.2022
IsabelleRaquinGeneration J.D.2022
AlisonC.SchurickGeneration J.D.2022
StevenKellyJustice Champion2022
JulieDellingerLaw Firm Support Staff2022
EvaM.KlineLaw Firm Support Staff2022
ElizabethSueroLaw Firm Support Staff2022
Robert M.Bell*Leadership in Law2001
FredBennettLeadership in Law2001
Francis B.BurchJr.Leadership in Law2001
Hon.John CarrollByrnesLeadership in Law2001
Hon.Charles B.DayLeadership in Law2001
Susan CarolElginLeadership in Law2001
Marcia C.FidisLeadership in Law2001
Alan R.FriedmanLeadership in Law2001
Louise MichauxGonzalesLeadership in Law2001
AlexanderGordonIVLeadership in Law2001
J. WyndalGordonLeadership in Law2001
Stanley S.HerrLeadership in Law2001
Hon.Patricia C.JessamyLeadership in Law2001
Hon.Warren J.KrugLeadership in Law2001
Hon.David B.MitchellLeadership in Law2001
Patrick B.MurphyLeadership in Law2001
Hon.Steven I.PlattLeadership in Law2001
Hon.Irma S.RakerLeadership in Law2001
Doris P.ScottLeadership in Law2001
Hon.J. FrederickSharerLeadership in Law2001
Gregory A.SzokaLeadership in Law2001
Roger W.TitusLeadership in Law2001
Louis J.UlmanLeadership in Law2001
Pamela J.WhiteLeadership in Law2001
Charles J.BalintLeadership in Law2002
Herbert J.BelgradLeadership in Law2002
Kathleen A.ChapmanLeadership in Law2002
Stephen J.CullenLeadership in Law2002
M. AlbertFiginskiLeadership in Law2002
Robert L.GrayLeadership in Law2002
Hon.Ellen M.HellerLeadership in Law2002
Dorothy J.LennigLeadership in Law2002
R. RobertLinowesLeadership in Law2002
Hon.Peter J.MessitteLeadership in Law2002
Hon.William D.MissouriLeadership in Law2002
John H.MurrayLeadership in Law2002
Larry A.NathansLeadership in Law2002
James P.NolanLeadership in Law2002
Christopher J.ReynoldsLeadership in Law2002
Robert J.RhudyLeadership in Law2002
Stephen H.Sachs*Leadership in Law2002
MasterCathy H.SerretteLeadership in Law2002
Brenda A.SextonLeadership in Law2002
James L.SheaLeadership in Law2002
Hon.Andrew L.SonnerLeadership in Law2002
Hon.Paul H.WeinsteinLeadership in Law2002
YLS Disaster Relief CommitteeLeadership in Law2002
William P.YoungJr.Leadership in Law2002
Hon.Karen H.AbramsLeadership in Law2003
Hon.Lynne A.BattagliaLeadership in Law2003
Hon.Marielsa A.BernardLeadership in Law2003
Adam S.CohenLeadership in Law2003
Jervis S.FinneyLeadership in Law2003
Sharon E.GoldsmithLeadership in Law2003
Cheryl Y.HaskinsLeadership in Law2003
Harry S.JohnsonLeadership in Law2003
Hon.James A.KenneyIIILeadership in Law2003
Linda ThaterLaytonLeadership in Law2003
Thomas E.LynchIIILeadership in Law2003
LynnMcLainLeadership in Law2003
Hon.Joseph F.Murphy*Jr.Leadership in Law2003
Hon.C. PhilipNicholsJr.Leadership in Law2003
Kimberley A.PropeackLeadership in Law2003
Paul J.ReinsteinLeadership in Law2003
J. ScottRobertsonLeadership in Law2003
Karen H.RothenbergLeadership in Law2003
Paul MarkSandlerLeadership in Law2003
Stephen L.SnyderLeadership in Law2003
Hon.Richard H.SothoronJr.Leadership in Law2003
Shale D.StillerLeadership in Law2003
Mark D.ThomasLeadership in Law2003
AlexanderWrightJr.Leadership in Law2003
Roberto N.AllenLeadership in Law2004
Hon.Toni E.ClarkeLeadership in Law2004
Robin R.CockeyLeadership in Law2004
Hon.John WilliamDebeliusLeadership in Law2004
CynthiaFenimoreLeadership in Law2004
Morton P.FisherJr.Leadership in Law2004
Larry S.GibsonLeadership in Law2004
Hon.Paul W.GrimmLeadership in Law2004
William WarrenHamelLeadership in Law2004
Michael C.HodesLeadership in Law2004
Elizabeth LenaJulianLeadership in Law2004
Hon.Diane O.LeasureLeadership in Law2004
Timothy F.MaloneyLeadership in Law2004
Robert J.MathiasLeadership in Law2004
Hon.Albert J.Matricciani*Leadership in Law2004
Mitchell Y.MirvissLeadership in Law2004
Dana PetersenMooreLeadership in Law2004
Jane C.MurphyLeadership in Law2004
KathleenPontoneLeadership in Law2004
Barry F.RosenLeadership in Law2004
James F.RosnerLeadership in Law2004
Ralph S.TylerLeadership in Law2004
StevenVanGrackLeadership in Law2004
Roger C.WolfLeadership in Law2004
Hon.Michael J.AlgeoLeadership in Law2005
JamesArchibaldLeadership in Law2005
Alison L.AstiLeadership in Law2005
Hon.Pamila J.BrownLeadership in Law2005
Shaun F.CarrickLeadership in Law2005
Michael G.ComeauLeadership in Law2005
J. MichaelConroyJr.Leadership in Law2005
Harriet E.CoopermanLeadership in Law2005
Hon.Kathleen G.CoxLeadership in Law2005
David H.FishmanLeadership in Law2005
NancyForsterLeadership in Law2005
Cynthia L.LeppertLeadership in Law2005
Charles O.MonkIILeadership in Law2005
Hon.M. BrookeMurdockLeadership in Law2005
Joseph K.PokempnerLeadership in Law2005
MarkPollakLeadership in Law2005
ScottRolleLeadership in Law2005
BenjaminRosenbergLeadership in Law2005
KevinShepherdLeadership in Law2005
Hon.Carol E.SmithLeadership in Law2005
Sanford V.TeplitzkyLeadership in Law2005
Craig A.ThompsonLeadership in Law2005
Paul A.Tiburzi*Leadership in Law2005
Robert A.ZarnochLeadership in Law2005
Hon.StuartBergerLeadership in Law2006
C. ChristopherBrownLeadership in Law2006
MichaelDaneyLeadership in Law2006
Donald L.DeVriesJr.Leadership in Law2006
StephanieFranklinLeadership in Law2006
Andrew D.FreemanLeadership in Law2006
Herbert S.Garten*Leadership in Law2006
Edward J.GillissLeadership in Law2006
Hon.Joan BossmanGordonLeadership in Law2006
Hon.Wanda KeyesHeardLeadership in Law2006
Todd J.HornLeadership in Law2006
Jerald B.LurieLeadership in Law2006
Rachel T.McGuckianLeadership in Law2006
M. NatalieMcSherryLeadership in Law2006
Albert J.MezzanotteJr.Leadership in Law2006
Stephen J.NolanLeadership in Law2006
Hon.NelsonRuppJr.Leadership in Law2006
Charles P.ScheelerLeadership in Law2006
Mark F.ScurtiLeadership in Law2006
James L.ThompsonLeadership in Law2006
Linda S.WoolfLeadership in Law2006
LaurenYoungLeadership in Law2006
Hon.Mary EllenBarberaLeadership in Law2007
Paul D.BekmanLeadership in Law2007
Douglas M.BregmanLeadership in Law2007
Paul V.CarlinLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Ben C.ClyburnLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Charlotte M.CookseyLeadership in Law2007
Neil E.DukeLeadership in Law2007
HerbertGoldmanLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Glenn T.HarrellJr.Leadership in Law2007
Marian C.HwangLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Robert B.KershawLeadership in Law2007
Edward J.LevinLeadership in Law2007
Jeffrey C.MaynardLeadership in Law2007
Cleaveland D.Miller*Leadership in Law2007
Charles J.MortonJr.Leadership in Law2007
Hon.J. FrederickMotzLeadership in Law2007
J. PaulMullenLeadership in Law2007
Russell R.RenoJr.Leadership in Law2007
Hon.Rod J.RosensteinLeadership in Law2007
David B.RudowLeadership in Law2007
Nancy A.SachitanoLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Lynn K.StewartLeadership in Law2007
Kenneth L.ThompsonLeadership in Law2007
Hon.Patrick L.WoodwardLeadership in Law2007
AnneBrennanLeadership in Law2008
KathleenBustraanLeadership in Law2008
Sen.BenjaminCardinLeadership in Law2008
ThomasCullenJr.Leadership in Law2008
Mary EllenFlynnLeadership in Law2008
Hon.EllenHollanderLeadership in Law2008
Hon.MicheleHottenLeadership in Law2008
Katherine KellyHowardLeadership in Law2008
Hon.Barbara KerrHoweLeadership in Law2008
LouisHuttJr.Leadership in Law2008
Cheryl KelleyJacobsLeadership in Law2008
DeborahJenningsLeadership in Law2008
DeborahJeonLeadership in Law2008
N. GordonKnoxLeadership in Law2008
Hon.John PhilipMillerLeadership in Law2008
SheelaMurthyLeadership in Law2008
GeorgeNilsonLeadership in Law2008
JackQuinnLeadership in Law2008
AndrewRaddingLeadership in Law2008
WilliamRyanJr.Leadership in Law2008
AngelaSheltonLeadership in Law2008
RobertWaldmanLeadership in Law2008
ProfessorByronWarnken*Leadership in Law2008
T. SkyWoodwardLeadership in Law2008
PhilipAndrewsLeadership in Law2009
CharlesBlomquistLeadership in Law2009
CynthiaBoersmaLeadership in Law2009
ThomasCardaroLeadership in Law2009
Mary CinaChalawskyLeadership in Law2009
LauriClearyLeadership in Law2009
WardCoe*IIILeadership in Law2009
AnnColeLeadership in Law2009
KarenCookLeadership in Law2009
Jason A.FrankLeadership in Law2009
DanFriedmanLeadership in Law2009
BonnieGreenbergLeadership in Law2009
TeriGuarnacciaLeadership in Law2009
Hon.C. YvonneHolt-StoneLeadership in Law2009
Lisa HarrisJonesLeadership in Law2009
Hon.PatriceLewisLeadership in Law2009
PaulaMonopoliLeadership in Law2009
Elise DavisonMorrisLeadership in Law2009
MichaelPowellLeadership in Law2009
CyrilSmithLeadership in Law2009
JaySmithLeadership in Law2009
ThomasWaxterIIILeadership in Law2009
WayneWilloughbyLeadership in Law2009
Hon.DavidYoungLeadership in Law2009
Gary R.AlexanderLeadership in Law2010
Michael JosephBaaderLeadership in Law2010
Charles A.BerardescoLeadership in Law2010
Robert R.BowieJr.Leadership in Law2010
Michael W.DavisLeadership in Law2010
KathleenDumaisLeadership in Law2010
JenniferEtheridgeLeadership in Law2010
Brian E.FroshLeadership in Law2010
Hon.SusanGauvey*Leadership in Law2010
Hon.Melanie ShawGeterLeadership in Law2010
DanielGoldsteinLeadership in Law2010
ArthurHorneLeadership in Law2010
Patricia McHughLambertLeadership in Law2010
AndreaLeahy-FucheckLeadership in Law2010
Hon.ZakiaMahasaLeadership in Law2010
J. BradfordMcCulloughLeadership in Law2010
A. HowardMetroLeadership in Law2010
Thomas D.MurphyLeadership in Law2010
April N.RichardsonLeadership in Law2010
RonaldShapiroLeadership in Law2010
DonnaShearerLeadership in Law2010
Lawrence A.ShulmanLeadership in Law2010
DarrellVanDeusenLeadership in Law2010
Hon.VickiBallou-WattsLeadership in Law2011
Hon.Audrey J.S.CarrionJ.S. CarrionLeadership in Law2011
Henry E.DuganJr.Leadership in Law2011
Hon.AngelaEavesLeadership in Law2011
AntoniaFasanelliLeadership in Law2011
EduardoGonzálezLeadership in Law2011
Andrew JayGraham*Leadership in Law2011
AaronGreenfieldLeadership in Law2011
F. MichaelHigginbothamLeadership in Law2011
Hon.Marcella A.HollandLeadership in Law2011
Ronald H.JarashowLeadership in Law2011
JonLariaLeadership in Law2011
Andrew D.LevyLeadership in Law2011
AvaLias-BookerLeadership in Law2011
ThomasLinganLeadership in Law2011
ChristopherNicholsonLeadership in Law2011
Rebecca A.NitkinLeadership in Law2011
MarshallPaulLeadership in Law2011
JoannePollakLeadership in Law2011
RichardRosenthalLeadership in Law2011
JamesSmithJr.Leadership in Law2011
Hon.Shirley M.WattsLeadership in Law2011
PatriciaWeaverLeadership in Law2011
Arnold M.WeinerLeadership in Law2011
RobertZarbinLeadership in Law2011
AngelaAlsobrooksLeadership in Law2012
Ellen A.CallegaryLeadership in Law2012
Hon.Evelyn OmegaCannonLeadership in Law2012
Paul H.EthridgeLeadership in Law2012
James J.Hanks*Jr.Leadership in Law2012
AmyHeinrichLeadership in Law2012
Michael G.HendlerLeadership in Law2012
Julie EllenLandauLeadership in Law2012
Richard E.LevineLeadership in Law2012
MaryMurphyLeadership in Law2012
William J.MurphyLeadership in Law2012
Anne BalcerNortonLeadership in Law2012
Steven A.RobinsLeadership in Law2012
Hon.RichardSandyLeadership in Law2012
Martin H.SchreiberIILeadership in Law2012
Hon.Ronald A.SilkworthLeadership in Law2012
EdwardSmithJr.Leadership in Law2012
Howard L.SollinsLeadership in Law2012
Donna HillStatonLeadership in Law2012
Paul T.SteinLeadership in Law2012
CharlesSydnorIIILeadership in Law2012
Hon.William V.TuckerLeadership in Law2012
Maureenvan StoneLeadership in Law2012
Benjamin F.WilsonLeadership in Law2012
JimAstrachanLeadership in Law2013
MichaelBaxterLeadership in Law2013
WilliamCarrLeadership in Law2013
AlanCasonLeadership in Law2013
JosephCassillyLeadership in Law2013
John J.CondliffeLeadership in Law2013
DoloresDorsainvilLeadership in Law2013
WilliamDunnLeadership in Law2013
DorothyFaitLeadership in Law2013
GuyFlynnLeadership in Law2013
Martin S.HimelesJr.Leadership in Law2013
E. ScottJohnsonLeadership in Law2013
WilhelmJosephLeadership in Law2013
FranklinLeeLeadership in Law2013
JamesMacAlisterLeadership in Law2013
HillaryMichaudLeadership in Law2013
HassanMurphyLeadership in Law2013
GaryNormanLeadership in Law2013
BrucePlaxenLeadership in Law2013
Anne-HerbertRollinsLeadership in Law2013
JaneSantoniLeadership in Law2013
JeffSchwaberLeadership in Law2013
StuartSimmsLeadership in Law2013
MichaelSiriLeadership in Law2013
HarryStormLeadership in Law2013
HopeTiptonLeadership in Law2013
E. GregoryWellsLeadership in Law2013
JoAnneZawitoskiLeadership in Law2013
AndyBaida*Leadership in Law2014
James R.BenjaminJr.Leadership in Law2014
MerylBurginLeadership in Law2014
Anthony I.ButlerLeadership in Law2014
James W.ConstableLeadership in Law2014
Isabel MercedesCummingLeadership in Law2014
DeboraFajer-SmithLeadership in Law2014
Emmanuelle RegineFrancoisLeadership in Law2014
Hon.Kathleen O’FerrallFriedmanLeadership in Law2014
Allan J.GibberLeadership in Law2014
Kelly TubmanHardyLeadership in Law2014
Veronica P.JonesLeadership in Law2014
Hon.Theresa A.LawlerLeadership in Law2014
Michelle N.LipkowitzLeadership in Law2014
Donna S.MandlLeadership in Law2014
JimMathiasLeadership in Law2014
John J.McCarthyLeadership in Law2014
William AldenMcDanielJr.Leadership in Law2014
ThomasMeachumLeadership in Law2014
Edward T.PaulisIIILeadership in Law2014
SuzanneSangreeLeadership in Law2014
Debra G.SchubertLeadership in Law2014
Tracy L.SteedmanLeadership in Law2014
Mark A.TylerLeadership in Law2014
Margaret M.WitherupLeadership in Law2014
Martin E.WolfLeadership in Law2014
Andrew I.AlpersteinLeadership in Law2015
Sara H.ArthurLeadership in Law2015
Richard M.BarnesLeadership in Law2015
Gregg L.Bernstein*Leadership in Law2015
Denise M.BowmanLeadership in Law2015
Caroline D.CiraoloLeadership in Law2015
Suzzanne W.DeckerLeadership in Law2015
John E.GriffithJr.Leadership in Law2015
Hon.John O.HenneganLeadership in Law2015
RickJaklitschLeadership in Law2015
Hon.Karen MurphyJensenLeadership in Law2015
Mark T.JensenLeadership in Law2015
Anne ColtLeitessLeadership in Law2015
Raymond L.MarshallLeadership in Law2015
Gerard PatrickMartinLeadership in Law2015
Hon.Erik H.NyceLeadership in Law2015
Lee H.OgburnLeadership in Law2015
Matt M.PaavolaLeadership in Law2015
Abba DavidPoliakoffLeadership in Law2015
Dennis M.RobinsonJr.Leadership in Law2015
Mark S.SaudekLeadership in Law2015
Angela J.ScottLeadership in Law2015
LilaShapiro-CyrLeadership in Law2015
Jonathan H.ShoupLeadership in Law2015
Donald B.TobinLeadership in Law2015
Keith R.TrufferLeadership in Law2015
Donna E.Van ScoyLeadership in Law2015
RobertAnbinder*Leadership in Law2016
Hon.TiffanyAndersonLeadership in Law2016
Ivan J.BatesLeadership in Law2016
Marnell A.CooperLeadership in Law2016
David V.DiggsLeadership in Law2016
Nancy McCutchanDudenLeadership in Law2016
Robert L.FergusonJr.Leadership in Law2016
GerardGaengLeadership in Law2016
MikeGoeckeLeadership in Law2016
Hon.Kathryn GrillGraeffLeadership in Law2016
JillGreenLeadership in Law2016
LawrenceGreenbergLeadership in Law2016
KristinHerberLeadership in Law2016
Quinton M.HerbertLeadership in Law2016
Matthew G.HjortsbergLeadership in Law2016
Kelly HughesIversonLeadership in Law2016
Jay D.MillerLeadership in Law2016
Hon.DougNazarianLeadership in Law2016
Lawrence E.SchmidtLeadership in Law2016
Jane FrankelSimsLeadership in Law2016
Adam M.SpenceLeadership in Law2016
Ferrier R.StillmanLeadership in Law2016
BrianTuckerLeadership in Law2016
Michele BresnickWalshLeadership in Law2016
BeckiYoungLeadership in Law2016
Michael A.BrownLeadership in Law2017
PaulCaiolaLeadership in Law2017
SteveChaikinLeadership in Law2017
Monique L.DixonLeadership in Law2017
Steven K.FedderLeadership in Law2017
Richard S.GordonLeadership in Law2017
Hon.Susan H.HazlettLeadership in Law2017
Larysa M.KautzLeadership in Law2017
Hon. Christopher B.Kehoe*Leadership in Law2017
SharonKrevor-WeisbaumLeadership in Law2017
RenéeLane-KunzLeadership in Law2017
Brett S.LiningerLeadership in Law2017
Cylia E.Lowe-SmithLeadership in Law2017
Howard R.MajevLeadership in Law2017
Joseph S.MichaelLeadership in Law2017
Padraic McSherryMortonLeadership in Law2017
Peter B.RosenwaldIILeadership in Law2017
Jeffrey H.ScherrLeadership in Law2017
Lisa Y.SettlesLeadership in Law2017
Carol AnnSmithLeadership in Law2017
JenniferStearmanLeadership in Law2017
Gerard R.VetterLeadership in Law2017
FlaviaWilliamsonLeadership in Law2017
J. NicoleWindsorLeadership in Law2017
LaKeeciaAllenLeadership in Law2018
AlexAllmanLeadership in Law2018
TerrenceArtisLeadership in Law2018
Hon.KendraAusbyLeadership in Law2018
GregoryCareLeadership in Law2018
Hon.DonineCarringtonLeadership in Law2018
NatashaDartigueLeadership in Law2018
AnnaDavis*Leadership in Law2018
SwataGandhiLeadership in Law2018
StanfordGannLeadership in Law2018
AngelaGrauLeadership in Law2018
BarryHermanLeadership in Law2018
ElizabethHewlettLeadership in Law2018
NedHimmelrichLeadership in Law2018
TimothyHodgeJr.Leadership in Law2018
BrettIngermanLeadership in Law2018
KevinKelehanLeadership in Law2018
IrwinKramerLeadership in Law2018
Hon.MichaelMasonLeadership in Law2018
MargaretMeadLeadership in Law2018
RichardNeuworthLeadership in Law2018
DeborahPotterLeadership in Law2018
ChristopherRahlLeadership in Law2018
GarySimplerLeadership in Law2018
KerryStatonLeadership in Law2018
KimWagnerLeadership in Law2018
Sharonne R.BonardiLeadership in Law2019
MichelleBradfordLeadership in Law2019
KelbyBrickLeadership in Law2019
OanaBrooksLeadership in Law2019
Benjamin H.CarneyLeadership in Law2019
Louise M.CarwellLeadership in Law2019
SarahClineLeadership in Law2019
Ryan J.DymekLeadership in Law2019
Matthew A.S.EsworthyLeadership in Law2019
Sarah S.GannettLeadership in Law2019
DeenaHausnerLeadership in Law2019
Hon.Nicole PastoreKleinLeadership in Law2019
Steven M.KlepperLeadership in Law2019
Colleen PleasantKlineLeadership in Law2019
AndrewLapayowkerLeadership in Law2019
Kraig B.LongLeadership in Law2019
KathleenMcClernanLeadership in Law2019
Eric G.OrlinskyLeadership in Law2019
MarylinPierreLeadership in Law2019
Jeremy D.RachlinLeadership in Law2019
David E.RalphLeadership in Law2019
Diane L.SengstackeLeadership in Law2019
JoyceSmitheyLeadership in Law2019
Robert JayWeltchekLeadership in Law2019
Hon.Zuberi BakariWilliamsLeadership in Law2019
Albert G.G.AllennIIILeadership in Law2020
AishaBraveboyLeadership in Law2020
David S.S.De JongLeadership in Law2020
Anthony JJ.DiPaulaLeadership in Law2020
Hon.Lawrence P.P.Fletcher-HillLeadership in Law2020
Barry L.L.GogelLeadership in Law2020
Ezra S.S.GolloglyLeadership in Law2020
MichaelGreenbergerJDLeadership in Law2020
Nancy W.W.GreeneLeadership in Law2020
CaryHanselLeadership in Law2020
Andrew V.V.JezicLeadership in Law2020
Jay L.L.LenrowLeadership in Law2020
Dana M.M.MiddletonLeadership in Law2020
Katherine TangNewbererLeadership in Law2020
PilarCamusNicholsLeadership in Law2020
DavidPantzerLeadership in Law2020
AmyPetkovsekLeadership in Law2020
CarolynA.QuattrockiLeadership in Law2020
LouisePhippsSenftLeadership in Law2020
MichelleDaughertySiriLeadership in Law2020
JasonM.St. JohnLeadership in Law2020
The Hon.HaleeF.WeinsteinLeadership in Law2020
DavidA.WeiskopfLeadership in Law2020
MarshaL.WilliamsLeadership in Law2020
LaurenB.ZieglerLeadership in Law2020
DanielleStagerZollerEsq.Leadership in Law2020
JeffreyT.AgnorLeadership in Law2021
RamonaR.C.AminLeadership in Law2021
Sue Ann Lewis ArmitageLeadership in Law2021
ShereefatBalogunLeadership in Law2021
ThomasBarnardLeadership in Law2021
EricBryantLeadership in Law2021
ToddR.ChasonLeadership in Law2021
AlisaGrossCumminsLeadership in Law2021
RyanDietrichLeadership in Law2021
DonaldE.EnglishJr.Leadership in Law2021
JanssenE.EvelynLeadership in Law2021
ColonelRoseM.ForrestLeadership in Law2021
MorganE.FosterLeadership in Law2021
DavidGibberLeadership in Law2021
Hon.LisaA.Hall JohnsonLeadership in Law2021
GeoffreyG.HengererLeadership in Law2021
C. QuinceHopkinsLeadership in Law2021
JoeHovermillLeadership in Law2021
TyKellyLeadership in Law2021
MelissaLambertLeadership in Law2021
MaryRobySandersLeadership in Law2021
DavidJ.ShusterLeadership in Law2021
ToyjaKellySr.Leadership in Law2021
StacieTobinLeadership in Law2021
MichelleK.WilsonLeadership in Law2021
ChijiokeAkamigboLeadership In Law2022
TimE.BraueLeadership In Law2022
BrianSBrownLeadership In Law2022
Hon.MoniseA.BrownLeadership In Law2022
IvonneCorsino LindleyLeadership In Law2022
JonathanHavensLeadership In Law2022
MelodieHengererLeadership In Law2022
ChristopherC.JeffriesLeadership In Law2022
LisaC.KeenanLeadership In Law2022
RobbieLeonardLeadership In Law2022
DeborahK.MarcuseLeadership In Law2022
CorlieMcCormickJr.Leadership In Law2022
W. BryanRakesLeadership In Law2022
PaulG.SkalnyLeadership In Law2022
MichaelStanleyLeadership In Law2022
JaymiSterlingLeadership In Law2022
NathanWillnerLeadership In Law2022
DavidM.WyandLeadership In Law2022
BrandonEtheridgeLeadership In Law - In House Counsel2022
KimberlyHankinsNeal*Leadership In Law - In House Counsel2022
ViktoriyaM.ShpigelmanLeadership In Law - In House Counsel2022
GeneauM.ThamesLeadership In Law - In House Counsel2022
Hon.Sheila R. TillersonAdamsLifetime Achievement2016
Ronald A.BaradelLifetime Achievement2016
PeterAngelosLifetime Achievement2017
Hon.JohnDebeliusLifetime Achievement2017
Daniel F.GoldsteinLifetime Achievement2017
Hon.Glenn T.HarrellJr.Lifetime Achievement2017
Thomas E.LynchIIILifetime Achievement2017
Mayda ColonTsaknisLifetime Achievement2017
HarryJohnsonLifetime Achievement2018
Hon.PeterKrauserLifetime Achievement2018
M. NatalieMcSherryLifetime Achievement2018
ThomasMinkinLifetime Achievement2018
James B.AstrachanLifetime Achievement2019
Herbert J.BelgradLifetime Achievement2019
Emmet C.DavittLifetime Achievement2019
ValdaRicksLifetime Achievement2019
HarrietE.CoopermanLifetime Achievement2020
SharonE.GoldsmithLifetime Achievement2020
WilhelmH.JosephJr., Esq.Lifetime Achievement2020
AndreM.DavisLifetime Achievement2021
WilliamJ.MurphyLifetime Achievement2021
KennethThompsonLifetime Achievement2021
William T. "Bill"WoodLifetime Achievement2021
GilGennLifetime Achievement2022
JanPedersonLifetime Achievement2022
JonathanSchochorLifetime Achievement2022
RobertL.WaldmanLifetime Achievement2022