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Adora Ndu

ndu-adoramf6Adora Ndu


United States Public Health Service

As a pharmacy resident at Georgetown University Hospital, Adora Ndu developed and implemented a lasting program for managing drugs for HIV-positive patients. This year, as director of the Division of Medical Policy Development at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), she helped make it easier for licensed physicians to apply for expanded access for investigational new drugs for their patients.

Ndu also has served in the United States Public Health Services since 2009 and was named a commander in 2015.

“I am extremely passionate about inspiring change in both my organization and in my community,” Ndu said.

A resident of Howard County, Ndu said she helped establish a woman’s support group to provide a forum for working mothers in the community where they can share ideas and resources. She’s also established the Wazobia Stars, an African dance troupe of young girls aged five to 10, as a means to reinforce self-confidence in the young women.

The dance troupe requires a significant time commitment for a working mother, but Ndu said, “I am fully committed to empowering women and girls to ensure a future full of success. I have made it a point to share my learnings with each milestone to provide others with the knowledge base to also reach their goals.”