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Ann Marie Rotz

rotz-anne-marieAnn Marie Rotz


Rotz Law Offices LLC


Ann Marie Rotz practices law as an attorney in mostly smaller communities in Washington County and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, so developing a solid reputation has been paramount in achieving success.

“I enjoy a strong, positive reputation with the bench and bar in both counties. I am known for my advocacy of my clients and my candor to my colleagues and the court,” said Rotz, principal at Rotz Law Offices, LLC, in Hagerstown.

A commercial and business law attorney, she said her desire to inspire change within herself and her broader community led her to the legal profession in the first place. Rotz has done everything from setting up what she dubbed the “Little Free Library” in her front yard, to volunteering as a literacy tutor at a local elementary school to educating paralegals and criminal justice college students in constitutional law.

No matter the circumstance, she said, being open to approaching and engaging others, and being willing to ask difficult questions, is key to improving personally and as a neighbor and community member.

“I live true to my convictions and believe the best way I can implement and inspire change is to do the work I believe is important,” Rotz said.