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Danielle Meister

meister-daniellemf21Danielle Meister

Continuum of Care Coordinator

Mayor’s Office of Human Services

Homeless Services Program

While getting a bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga University, Danielle Meister got a job at a homeless women’s shelter and has been working ever since to help end homelessness. “I’ve been doing (homeless service work) for about 11 or 12 years and I still feel extremely passionate about the work and literally can’t imagine myself doing anything else,” she said. “I feel like homelessness is such a solvable problem. We actually know what it takes to end it in terms of investing in resources and what kinds of strategies pay off. It’s just a matter of getting there. I think it is really exciting work and I have always felt drawn to it.”

Since 2014, Meister has worked as the continuum of care coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Human Services/Homeless Services Program. The position allows her to partner with other people who are passionate about the cause and helps to break down barriers for people to access housing and services.

Before her current position, she mainly provided direct services and had to watch families sometimes get turned away from housing or crumble in front of her eyes. She is driven to create “a support system that can help families very, very quickly get back on their feet and return to stability and a safe loving environment especially for children,” she said. “We actually do have the tools to make a lot of progress and help families have shorter periods of homelessness and less often periods of homelessness. Until we’ve achieved that, I just want to keep going and moving toward that as fast as we can.”

Meister is also the cofounder of the Baltimore chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.