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Dominica Groom

groom-doninicamf04Dominica Groom

Senior Director, Global Sustainability & Supplier Diversity

Marriott International


Dominica Groom is fond of inspiring and motivational quotes, and one of her favorites is from Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It’s a sentiment she tries to live by daily in her job as Senior Director of Global Sustainability & Supplier Diversity for Marriott International, the giant, Montgomery County-based hotel and motel chain.

During her nearly nine years at Marriott, she said, she has helped the company “fully embrace” and incorporate differences into the business. In the supplier diversity realm, she has increased awareness of the value of diversely-owned businesses, which has led to increased partnerships and contracts with such businesses.

Apart from work, Groom works as a volunteer with new and diverse small business owners to help them grow their businesses.

“My commitment to helping people, supporting the community, driving diversity, and achieving success is purely driven by my desire to make positive contributions to society, making the world a better place, one small action at a time,” Groom said.

“I am happiest and most fulfilled when I know I’ve had a positive impact, specifically on someone’s life. I am fortunate to have a professional role that fully encompasses my commitment to service, diversity and community.”