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Heidi L. Klotzman

klotzman-heidi33mfHeidi L. Klotzman

CEO & Founder

HeidnSeek Entertainment, LLC

Heidi L. Klotzman founded her marketing and events consulting company, HeidnSeek Entertainment, in 2005 while earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Goucher College. Today, Klotzman¬ said she has successfully created a platform where she can help people whom she believes in to shine.

“I have generated a large network of organic subscribers and digital followers that pay attention to what my company and I say and post,” said Klotzman, whose services include event marketing, brand consulting, and private and commercial event planning. “It took a long time and a lot of work to acquire this base, but we are at a place where I have and can positively affect my clients, the charities that I media sponsor for, and the artists that I manage and promote.”

Klotzman gives her time and donates her company’s advertising services to nonprofits. “Many local charities lack the funding, resources, and manpower that corporate entities have readily available, so my time is better spent there.”

Klotzman also volunteers with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and served for two years as a board member for the Congressman Elijah Cummings Youth Program to Israel. She currently serves a mentor in the Cool Women, Hot Jobs program each year in the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. “We spend the day teaching classes where we explain how we got started, how we do what we do, and connect with the girls,” she said.