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Jaymi Sterling

sterling-jaymimf3Jaymi Sterling

Assistant State’s Attorney

St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office


Jaymi Sterling recalled that for one of her most gratifying cases, her first homicide case for which she eventually secured a conviction, colleagues regarded her chances as weak at best.

“I disregarded this information, met with witnesses and developed my own opinions and strategies,” said Sterling, assistant state’s attorney for St. Mary’s Count and special assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland. “The most rewarding experience was that the family felt they had finally received justice for their son,” she said.

Sterling said that living in the same community where she also works brings home to her the importance of her official position as a prosecutor. Outside of the courtroom, the role finds her mentoring and training law enforcement throughout the state to help them understand the job they do after making an arrest.

“Police officers are not lawyers and are unfairly criticized for a split second judgment that lawyers have weeks and months to over-analyze,” she said. “I try to help bridge the gap.”

In her free time, Sterling also volunteers with organizations like the Special Olympics, Shop with a Cop, Project Graduation and others. “One of the reasons I volunteer and coach high school softball is because of not only my love of the game, but also I want to serve as a role model to those young women who have their entire lives ahead of them.”