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Jessica Quincosa

quincosa-jessicamf4Jessica Quincosa

Supervising Attorney

Maryland Legal Aid

Jessica Quincosa’s passion stems from a desire to help the next generation of Hispanic female attorneys prosper and succeed, thus giving back to the community that fostered her own growth.
As the supervising attorney with Maryland Legal Aid, she’s personally assisted close to 18,000 litigants in a wide variety of civil cases, including custody, housing, public benefit and consumer issues. The nonprofit organization provides legal services to the state’s poor and offers a variety services to other vulnerable populations, such as seniors and seasonal farm workers.
Quincosa oversees a walk-in center for the District Court of Maryland in Prince George’s County. The experience has benefited clients tremendously, her colleagues wrote. But Quincosa said it has helped her make connections to better serve.

“I am committed to access to justice and my time spent at the Maryland Court Self-Help Center has been spent not only on assisting litigants but also on ways to outreach with local organizations to work together for the benefit of litigants,” she said.

A lifelong volunteer, Quincosa donated her time to a domestic violence shelter while a student at the New England School of Law. Since then, she’s offered her skills to the Tahirih Justice Center, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) and the Anne Arundel Bar Association’s Lawyer in the Library program, which offers citizens the ability to chat with an attorney about some of their civil legal concerns.