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Julie Palakovich Carr

carr-julie-palakovich-mf3Julie Palakovich Carr

Rockville City Council Member

Julie Palakovich Carr’s mother likes to tell the story of how her daughter came home from first grade one day after hearing how honey bees pollinate crops and plants and promptly wrote notes to all their neighbors, urging them not to kill bees.

That same activist, can-do spirit compelled Carr to run for the Rockville City Council four years ago, at age 29. “Although many people thought I was too young and inexperienced,” she said, “I ran anyways and outworked the other candidates by personally knocking on 5,000 doors. I came in first in the six-way race.”

Now in her second term on the council, Carr has spearheaded an overhaul of the city’s animal control ordinance and helped create a water conservation program.

The Harrisburg, Pa. native and mother of a one-year-old holds a master’s in biology and works as public policy manager for the American Institute of Biological Sciences, in Reston, Virginia.

Two years ago, she co-founded Victory Guide LLC, which provides software tools to help people run for political office.

“Public service has always been my passion,” Carr said. “I am an elected official, start up co-founder and mother with a tireless drive to change things for the better.”