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Megan Maguire Priolo

priolo-megan2mfMegan Maguire Priolo

Chief Operating Officer of GBHA

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Megan Priolo feels right at home leading her organization’s attempts to innovate and improve the quality and healthcare for their patients. Priolo is CEO of the Greater Baltimore Health Alliance (GBHA), one of 433 Accountable Care Organization’s (ACOs) nationwide that essentially bring together a group of healthcare providers to coordinate efficient, effective care to Medicare patients.

She helped create the technical infrastructure and build out the team of nurse care managers, care coordinators, systems analysts, report writers and others at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC).

“We challenge doing things the way they have always been done, and continuously strive for better outcomes for our patients,” Priolo said. “This is not just a vision phrase, but a way of life for those of us that are part of the GBMC team.”

Her work ranges from harnessing complex data sets for frontline staff to building new programs that address unmet community needs, such as behavioral health. “In order to inspire these sort of changes, engagement must be present at all levels,” she said. “A key to this for me is listening. In listening and learning about the barriers that may be faced when implementing a change, a solution can often be found.”