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Rachel Brown

brown-rachelmf22Rachel Brown


Sisi ni Amani International

For four years, Rachel Brown directed the nonprofit she founded in Kenya, Sisi ni Amani Kenya (“We Are Peace Kenya”), a group that helps local peace-builders end violence.

Two years ago she moved on to other ventures. But this year, she built on her experience in Kenya to launch a new nonprofit, Sisi ni Amani International, in her hometown of Baltimore.

“I believe that communities have the knowledge and potential to solve the challenges that they face and create a better future for themselves,” Brown said. “Sisi ni Amani International is dedicated to reducing barriers — such as violence — that prevent communities from coming together to build a better future, and to create new processes and pathways — such as civic engagement opportunities — that can enable them to do so.”

The Owings Mills-based organization works both locally and globally, Brown said. It helps organizations develop plans to prevent violence and promote civic engagement.

“The foundation of all my work is empathy, including for people whose behaviors my work seeks to change, such as those participating in violence,” she said. “I think strategically and across boundaries and borders to find new and creative approaches to solve critical challenges.”