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Rebecca Hauser

hauser-beccamf17Rebecca Hauser

Owner, Founder

The Painted Palette

Rebecca Hauser was well on her way to a successful marketing career when she veered off in an unusual direction.

She opened a “paint and sip art studio,” a place where people can spend two hours painting a picture under the direction of a professional artist and in a fully equipped studio, while they sip wine, beer or whatever gets their created juices flowing. Her goal, she said, was to establish a creative, entertaining outlet for “non-artists” to “tap into a side of themselves they didn’t thin existed.”

The Painted Palette opened in Mt. Washington in 2012 and not two years later made Baltimore Magazine’s “Best in Baltimore” list. That coup, Hauser said, helped convince the journalism major at Elon University to quit her full-time marketing job at Business Volunteers Maryland and pursue what she calls her “passion project.”

“My career thus far has encompassed many stand-out moments,” Hauser said. “From creating departments and drafting community strategies from scratch to founding and running my own company, there has never been a dull moment.

“It is these challenges, albeit risks, and the resulting successes that make me stand out from my peers and have shaped me into the passionate, determined, focused woman I am today.”